Isabel Turns 3: Party Prep

Oh my goodness, what! Somehow Isabel is about to turn 3 (Nov 21) & somehow I committed to throwing her a birthday bash in just about 2 weeks from now, little to no prep time. Fortunately, I have some inspirational assistance via Pinterest  and an extra pair of hands to shop for supplies, thanks YaYa (Mom).

I have been scoping the depths of the inter-webs and founds some mega cute things to give me a good creative lead. So now I’m feelin’ a bit wild:

vintage illustration
where the wild things are
beetlejuice stripes
wild animals
& a touch of carnival vibes
gold, Marlot, greens, & earth tones.

Being a graphic designer, I couldn’t get my self to buy invite cards so I whipped this invite together & sent out a Eventbrite link to her daycare pals.

Our Aunt is making her a custom birthday dress, stay tuned for the reveal & more party prep details on  Instagram.  See you there!