Hate Valentines Day? Blame your brain.

For those who struggle with mental deficiencies, loneliness and anxiety.

I FEEL YOU/ it's hard.

As I lay here having a very real physical and mental battle, I tell my self to GET UP but nothing happens. I feel sad for absolutely no reason and it’s totally frustrating! Most days I'm efficiently functioning with my ADD with high spirits but other days depression defines my ability to function.

If you are like me, you have lived majority of your life without even identifying you have an issue, so as I’ve become more mature in my skin it’s almost impossible to shake my comfortable coping habits.

I can say these are the hardest days, where making a scrambled egg for my daughter takes all the energy in the world.

I'm paralyzed just contemplating if I can get my self together and get out of the house. Put on that happy face and attend a fellow babes 1 year birthday party. Sure I can, but what would I rather do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Shake it off mama, let's go.


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