It was time to get my butt in gear and feel comfortable in my cheekies, so the day I hit 6 weeks postpartum I was in the gym. The burn felt great but the momentum didn’t last longer than a few days.

Who else hates the gym? I don’t like to go alone, I don’t like others looking at me, I don’t know what I am doing and it’s dirty. yadda yadda yadda ♪ ♫

Just hitting 12 weeks postpartum and I have not only neglected the gym but I refuse to get out of my yoga pants. As the battle continues, this post baby regime is a major struggle for many moms. Not being a gym enthusiasts my self, working out requires some creativity. Starting small like doing a “30 day squat challenge”  allows me to stay focused without feeling obligated. I am also a trouble maker when it comes to doing things I should be doing, so easing into a routine will be beneficial. Classes are also appealing because of the surrounding support team and professional guidance.


So here’s the plan on establishing a healthier lifestyle:

• Commit /Start small

• Drink more water

• Eat breakfast

• Pre-plan meals

• Cut out junk food

• Dedicate 45 minutes to daily exercise/ meditation


Lucky me, I got a good restart this past weekend with a 4 hour hike as Isabel cooed her way through the trails in her dad pack. I am anxious to wear my white skinnies – let’s do this!



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