Secretly, I am excited to be included in the mom category, yay! Last year, today, was such a gentle time, such that I just had found out I was pregnant a month prior. Fast forward a whole year, here I am excited for what might be my new favorite holiday.

I can admit I am clearly very influenced by my mother. Down to my not so secret addiction of having fresh pretty nails daily. I have unintentionally caught on to so many of my mothers mannerisms, believes and personality characteristics. Honestly,  I remember saying plenty of times “I will not be like my mother”,  what a silly joke.

It has been a wild 5 months, Isabel is more than everything she is expected to be. Growing so rapidly and advancing as scheduled. I have to keep up with her! Sometimes she just stares at me with wondering eyes, like she can read my mind. She knows I am just winging it. She is, luckily, a very easy going babe filled with joy and smiles.


Sleeps though the night

Can move forward in an activity walker

Can grab things in front of her

Can sit up with light assistance

Still does not enjoy tummy time for very long

Jumps high in the jumper

Drinks 6oz at a time

Enjoys wheat cereal

Can spin her toys

Can put the pacifier back in her mouth

Can enjoy time alone in her crib

Loves a variety of  music, including Rick Ross

Life have changed. So incredibly that I feel a bit tangled.  I wanted to touch base on something that had been effecting me in the recent months. I feel like I have lost my self, now in search of my new being and transforming into someone grater. I was not prepared, nor ready to open my heart to this new life. But to be real, I don’t think there is quite any advice or forum that could have been read to prepare anyone for the changes that happen to women after they have a child. This journey of self awareness comes with error. Being the best I can be, I could only hope that Isabel will want to be like me. I will show her grace, love, kindness and creative passion.

Have a wonderful day mommas.


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