I must not be the only one out there that has had a difficult time talking to their new born… From the moment she arrived I was told “talk to her”.  Thinking to my self, UM OK, what?  I was overwhelmed with insecurity and wondering why words  weren’t spewing out of me. I remember asking God if there was something wrong with me, I felt lost for words. Not to mention, holding Isabel for the first time had forced me to meet reality. Life was in full force and I could not just pace around eating strawberries anymore. Fortunately, Isabel did not lack any supporting love as she was smothered by friends and family that ate her up with cuddles and joyous attention.

But when it became my turn, I felt for lack of better word, embarrassed. Was what I was saying right? It saddens me to accept and share that it has taken me this long to accept my love for her.

The other day, I was sitting patently at the pediatrician office as this women with a double stroller rolls in  holding her 6 month on one hip. She was talking to both her children asking them “Jackson, there must be something wrong with the front wheel, do you know what it could be?” “Madeline, please sit here between my legs- Mommy is going to try and fix it”. As I absorbed her behavior, I wondered if the way she shared her moments verbally was normal?

As the days pass and Isabel continues to share her intimate personality with me,  I have grown to appreciate our bond.  I have realized that these moments  are a one time shot deal and our journey together is something to be treasured.

So here I am, Izz is just rounding third base of 6 weeks and I am admiring our humorous conversations.

”Ima get the boogers.”

” Sea horse, you’re the one. You make bath time so much fun.”

“Just let the poopy out baby girl.”

“I know, the poopy is so mean.”

“Ok mama, relax it’s boobie time.”

There is no right or wrong in motherhood, it’s just what works for you.


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