I’ve been thinking about the stigma that  women have on other women. The idea that we have to present a certain style of living to others so we evoke envy… But let me tell you, that is a full time job in itself and totally not worth it.

Yes flaunt your beauty.

Yes be an advocate of positivity.

Yes tell it all.

There is a perception of what is right and what is wrong for being a mother and raising your children. There is and unwritten rule about breast-feeding verse formula feeding. There are battles against the decision to co-sleep with your child  and lastly there other mothers judging new mothers on how to mother. My issue is that I don’t feel like we should be pressuring each other. Aren’t we all supposed to be on the same team?

I started supplementing formula with Isabel because I am not producing enough breast milk for her, granted that may have something to do with my poor diet and water intake but it’s really difficult for me to eat an excessive amount and drink way more than I’m used to. So to keep both of us comfortable, I  implemented a change in routine and gave her some formula which happens to work really well. Jeremy and I agreed to co sleep with Isabel and within a few weeks she was sleeping  through the night in her bassinet. Soon here I think she will be able be enjoying her crib in the other room.

Repeat after me

There are no rules.

I am allowed to do things differently.

I do not have to listen to others.

and lastly-

I am strong.


Keep up the good work,

tuesday bacichComment