I was totally not that jazzed about the beach, only because my days are so jam packed I couldn’t fathom have a lazy Sunday on a Wednesday. So the morning of, I went around speed cleaning, babying and last minute designing. I ended up totally mom bunning it for the family outing and working on the ride there. Turns out I am not a very nice co-pilot, “turn there, slow down, can you stop?”. Some say the post pregnancy hormones are just as lucid, some days are hot and others not so much. Beach day just so happened to be one of those days.

Though, aside from being a total beach, I really enjoyed exploring the hip fitness forward town of Muir Beach. Settling in with a paper cup of red wine the beauty around us couldn’t have been more breathe taking. Miss Izz seemed to love the bright sunshine on her face. We will have to revisit when the weather is much warmer.

The best part if that Isabel  slept the whole way there and the entire way home, a total of 4 hours!


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