6 weeks

As the holidays pass and the excitement swindles down I am finally able to realize everything going on around me. Izz seems to be enjoying her reading nook in the nursery and staring into the morning glare through her window, She has discovered her face in a mirror and loves her wabbanub during changing time.  Don’t forget the peaceful car rides  and cute kisses from her sister pup that take your breathe away. I am falling in love.

A few things though:

Everyone wants to know how old she is…and by everyone I truly mean every human I come in contact with wants to look, touch and ask me questions about the baby. It’s baby FEVER!

Oh and germs, can everyone please get on the hand sanitizer train already? I have developed a phobia of dirty. Get your filthy claws off my silky baby.

Talk about germs, miss Isabel began to show symptoms of her first winter cold. (totally sucks)

And the cherry of it all, her crying has reached a record high.

A grumpy mom and a crying baby, what’s a dad to do?



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