2 weeks

Happy two weeks to my sweet angel, Isabel.

She has been sleeping really well during the night in 3 to 4 hour intervals and wakes up bright eyed for some boobie action and diaper change. Obviously some nights are harder than others but for the most part we are blessed with a sleeper.

Recently we have been dealing with fuss because she is gassy so she cries in discomfort. We have tried doing the bicycle legs, back and tummy massages, the burping, switching positions and bopping- she pretty must needs to learn how to relax so her body can do it’s thing!

We have been seeing a lot more of the eye opening during the day, she’s so curious and it’s remarkable to see her beautiful eyes so in tune with her hearing as her eyes follow what she hears.

She is lifting her head quite well, as she was from the git go. Her little self is growing, still in newborn size & cute as can be.


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