102 degrees

The summer heat wave took us by surprise this week in Sacramento, CA. I have been prepared to take Isabel swimming for weeks but felt like I needed someone accompanying us. Mainly because it’s our first time and I wanted a witness just in case something went array. After a gorgeous weekend in Lake Tahoe, Sunday evening, we hauled all our pool crap (lotion, towels, cell phone, beer and floaties) down to the pool and tried it out. About 7:30pm the sun had drifting away from the lounge area, we plopped Izz in the floaty and off she went kicking around in the kinda cold water.  To my surprise, she didn’t fuss once, she was full of giggles and slashing.

I don’t know why I was so hesitant (or lazy) to take her by my self. That’s where we will definitely be on the daily since we can’t stand the mega heat.

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